Greetings from another lovely day at the Portland Fairview RV park…

The weather continues to be really nice.  The morning are cool and overcast, but by 1:00pm the sun burns through and the afternoons are nice and warm – in the lower to mid 80’s..  It’s great!

This past week the blog has been online for over six years now.  My first posting was on 8/2/2005 while sitting in our travel trailer at Babler State Park just outside of St. Louis, MO.  We had really bad really bad cell phone coverage for the Verizon EVDO card, but managed to start posting.  It’s cool being able to look back at what we’ve experienced over the years.  John kept telling me that I would never keep it up…

I want to continue doing the blog after we transition from being full time RV’ers into landlords in Iowa… think it will be good to document what it is like “coming off the road”, establishing a home base and having people rely on us for their housing.  There is also the unfinished story of John going to college and getting a full-time job afterwards.  Think we will have plenty to talk about….

On Friday had a super busy day at work, but reached a milestone on the largest project I have.  Have the programming completed to the point that the design documentation outlines.  Gave them exactly what they asked for, but now need to continue working on everything that needs to be done, but nobody documented – like workflow, table generation and all sorts of fun.

After work went home and made supper of Tuna Helper for John.  He was not impressed, but was cheap and tasted ok.  Used some albacore tuna for it – had a nice mild taste that Prince went crazy for.  He was at my feet about a minute after the cans were opened – so gave him some…. that he greedily gobbled up…

This morning woke up at 7:00am to go back to work to help in the food bank garden.  This was a planned “garden party” event to encourage people to come and help.  Before I left the house I quickly made breakfast – sausage patties and scrambled eggs.  John was still showering when I had them ready – so left his in microwave, ate mine and headed out.

Ended up working in the garden for three hours with several other employees.  Most of my time was spent putting organic fertilizer around tomato and squash plants.  First used a 5-3-3 fertilizer then followed that up with rabbit poo and then used a hoe to work them into the ground.  Was not difficult but was time consuming with around 100 tomato plants.

The garden is just starting to produce it’s crops.  There’s lots of tomatoes starting to turn red, zucchini that is 4″ long and some green peppers about the size of a golf ball.  In a week or two there will be lots to pick.  We are organizing a “picking committee” to recruit people to help harvest and deliver to the food bank.  While working in the garden several people with smart phones texted/emailed people to coordinate watering the garden some more on Sunday and posting pictures to company social networking site.  It’s becoming a “high-tech garden”.

After the garden party wrapped up, made it back to the MoHo, showered and then John and I took of to look at furniture at Ikea again.  I wanted to see if we could find some bedroom and office furniture that we could obtain for the apartment in Des Moines, IA – and for something to do.  We spent 90 minutes looking at all of the different departments and store displays and came to the conclusion that most of their stuff is overpriced for what it is.  For most things we can probably do just as well at furniture stores and places like World Market.  One exception may be their living room wall units where you put your flat screen TV and electronic components.  We liked their Besta and Framsta line of units:

Example of Besta modular

Everything is modular – so can purchase the modules you want and then arrange as you see fit.  Again it is not exactly cheap once you get several pieces of it, but like the general look of it.

After browsing but not buying anything we had lunch at the Ikea cafeteria.  We were both underwhelmed with our entrees.  I had a bland buffalo chicken wrap and John had their swedish meatballs…  At least it was a relatively cheap and easy lunch.

We then stopped at a Staples store down the street from Ikea to look at office furniture.  We found some reasonably priced desks that would work for us.  We want to find some used high quality desks when we get to Des Moines, but may fall back to getting new ones from a place like Staples if nothing pans out.  Reality is that we both will need to establish places to work right away because we (hopefully) will close on a Thursday and then I will need to start working the following Monday.  John will need to continue school work as well….

We are also trying to figure out which items we should purchase in Oregon and take with us to Iowa.  Oregon has no state sales tax and Iowa has 6% – so may be worth it to purchase some things here.. if we have room to take with in MoHo.  Plus there is no Ikea in Des Moines……

Once we got back to the RV park I decided to go swimming.  Was still a bit overcast but was warm enough to enjoy the water.  Spent 45 minutes in the water – mainly swimming back and forth in the pool and working my upper body.

This evening John really wanted to go out for supper – think Friday’s Tuna Helper did him in 🙂  So we went to Burgerville where I enjoyed a delicious rosemary chicken sandwich with side of walla walla onion rings.  I’ve never seen such large onion rings before – they were huge but super yummy!  This website:  Wandering Chopsticks has a nice write up of the Burgerville experience.  If you are ever in the Portland area in the summer, I highly recommend them.  Not so much for my waist line, but a treat now and then is fine 😉

Not much else going on….  Tomorrow would like to take a long bike ride to downtown Portland like I did a few weeks back – John is not wanting to… so will see… Prince is going to show me another advanced relaxation technique:


Relation Technique #8: The "Plushy Pouty Pussy"


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