Greetings from a cooler Des Moines…

A nasty storm rolled through last evening.  Had 15 minutes of strong winds in the 70 mph range.  Did no damage to the apartment building, but had to pick up a few branches in the yard from the oak trees.  Nothing major.  I generally like thunderstorms, but not when the wind gets all crazy…. Not going to complain too much… the yard looks so much better after getting more rain.

This afternoon John and I meet up with Mitch at the opening day of the Iowa State Fair.  My boss was cool with me taking off – nice of him.  The fair was lots of fun.  We basically wandered around, ate crazy food and checked things out.  My favorite was a strip of bacon on a stick that was dipped in chocolate.  So salty, but sweet and greazy….

Oops… The electricity to the apartment building just went out as I was typing the blog posting.  We were without power for the last 90 minutes.  Assume a power transformer or substation went bad…  Took a shower by candle light and surfed the web on my iPhone to pass the time.  All better now… can continue with the blog posting…

The fair ended up being a bit expensive.  Parking was $10.00, the admission was $10.00 each.  The two $7.00 margaritas did not help matter any – but those were for medicinal purposes. 😉 One of the best deals was lunch at the pork producers building.  Had pork loin sandwich with chips, baked beans, and apple sauce for $7.00.

Remember going to the Iowa State Fair with my parents in the early 80’s.  Didn’t see anything that looked familiar.  Remember seeing the General Lee car from the Dukes of Hazard TV show and going on the Ole’ Hickory water ride.  The water ride was remodeled several years ago and looked nothing like I recalled…. Oh well… went on it anyway…. Wonder if my parents have any pictures from that trip?  Probably somewhere….

Here’s some pictures I took at the fair:


Walking down the Grand Concourse - lots of food vendors


Had nice exhibit of antique cars by the Pioneer Hall. Buick on left, Ford on the right.


Old printing press setup to create a daily newsletter


Steam powered corn husking machine in action.


Everyone tells me Iowa has no culture. They are wrong - I found it here in the Cultural Center.


John perusing some artwork at the Cultural Center...


Veggies at the Horticulture building.


This year's butter cow. Waited in line 15 minutes to see it... Ooohh...


Snow White's dwarfs done in butter... why not...

We made it home by 5:00pm.  John had enough of being out in the sun and walking around.  After making supper and doing the dishes I ran to Hy-Vee.  They are having a two day sale and wanted to pick up discounted items that we use.  Got six boxes of mac and cheese, two half gallons of milk, box of kleenex, two bottles of ketchup, bottle of barbecue sauce, loaf of cottage bread and bottle of hand soap.  Total bill came to $9.85.  Not too shabby…  My goal is to spent less then $80.00 on groceries for the upcoming week.  So only have $70 more to spend…. no problem….

Not much else going on.  Going to play Warcraft for a bit before heading to bed.  Today feels like a Friday to me – so need to make sure I get up and ready for work in the morning 😉

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