Greetings from a soggy Carrollton, TX…

Yes, it is raining again…. been raining on and off most of the day…. This evening our internet has been working erratically… so maybe the rain is getting into the phone lines that deliver our DSL…. or the neighbors are downloading llama porn….

My work day went by quickly… I spent most of it working on the last project that was dumped on me – finding out who is the “business owner” of a list of 60+ database and then get them to test these databases on the new updated server.. Most of the users I contact are helpful, but some like to play games to get out of having to spend time testing… so I’m making lots of new “friends” company wide trying to get this done… I’ve received some nice feedback from some of the managers about how I’ve been able to get this done…. they like it so much I will probably get more orphan databases assigned to me… Oh well – sending emails to users pays the same as programming…

The coffee machine at work is still not working. The mechanism that puts the empty coffee filter cartridge into the waste bin has a broken part. The part has been ordered, but has not arrived yet. So… you can lift the broken sign, make coffee and then manually remove the spent filter cartridge – a pencil helps to push it out…. It’s quite sad… One alternative is to walk to the front of the building in the rain to use the coffee machine there….. I think I need “people” to take care of me at work… like Jeff Lewis has on the Bravo TV show Flipping Out

John worked on a fun project today that he has been thinking about for a few months – he built a shelf for the desk – kinda like a desk hutch… He wanted something to organize the ham radio and computer equipment… John promised me that he would do a blog entry tomorrow to go over what he did and show pictures of it….

This weekend is the Dallas Pride Parade and Festival – we will probably go, weather permitting, and hang out with the RARA group at their table… There is also an October Fest this weekend in Addison, TX this weekend. It is another festival that we would enjoy…

Not much else going on…. Received the first DVD for Season 3 of Six Feet Under from Netflix… I’m looking forward to watching it… but probably will not be until this weekend….

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