Work is starting to go into full swing now – today I received an OK to work on two different projects. One project is to take an existing Notes application, copy it and re-purpose it for a different department. The other project is a new Notes web application that is kinda like making a corporate version of Facebook to keep track of people, their talents and their hierarchy within the company… I need to update some graphic files for these projects so I’m going to start bringing my older Macintosh Powerbook to work so I can use some of the graphic editing software on it. The only graphics software I have on my work PC is Paintbrush and Word….

Last weekend John and I were talking about how wasteful it is to bring groceries home in the plastic grocery bags because we end up throwing most of them away right away. I thought about making my own reusable cloth grocery bags and John recommended that I make them just like the ones that Lehman’s sells in their catalog and online..

Reusable grocery bags

I checked them out and decided that by the time I purchased the cloth and hardware to make them, it would be cheaper to just buy them. So I ordered the two cloth bags ($12.00 for both) and the insulated freezer bag ($11.95). I like how the bags have clips that you use to hang them inside your grocery cart. They should arrive sometime next week… probably before the “The Cat Who” books get here…. Now I need a new outfit to match the bags so I look hot while shopping…

The bus ride to work was not as long today – the traffic was almost back to normal. The bus has not been very busy this week – sometimes I’m the only rider on it… it’s almost like having Limo service, without the leather seats, sun roof and wet bar….

John wants to clean the carpeting in the motor home and purchase new throw rugs over the weekend. I explained to him that since he currently is not working that he should rent a carpet machine on Friday and do it while I’m at work. This did not go over too well… so I assume I’ll be helping him clean the carpet in the living room and bedroom. We will check out Target, Kohl’s and Walmart for new throw rugs. The throw rugs we currently have are showing their age – we purchased them when we had the Crossroads Travel Trailer. I like having throw rugs because they are easier and cheaper to replace then the wall to wall carpeting. Plus new throw rugs brightens up the place….

Not much else going on … going to play XBOX for a bit and then go to bed….

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