Hello all, John here.

I promised Derek I’d write today. I wasn’t in much of a mood to last night….


New Desk "Hutch"

Anyhow, Yesterday I ran to Home Depot and bought a piece of 12″ pine and had it cut to build a shelf for the computer desk. The HD Experience was OK, nothing to brag about, but nothing horrific… Maybe they are trying to get better here. I still am amazed just how Lazy and Un-motivated most of their employees are. Both Rich and Scott are working for that company now, and I can’t see either of them looking the other way when a customer has his hands full and can’t set things on the register… Either way I got what I needed. Got back to the camper and started assembly. It is pretty basic and sorta crude, but it is solid and not going to move around like the Plastic deal we had. I had to rearrange the HAM gear a little, but I like it better this way. It gives a little more height to the computer screen, and tons more desk space. We won’t have to stow anything but the computer now, which will be a big help when we get underway.

The other night we also got a picture of Prince and how he typically looks for the “Voices” coming from the radio. If I am not sitting at the desk he will try to get behind the gear looking for the stranger in his house. It is sorta cute.
That is really all the news from this front. I have been nosing around a bit trying to decide if I should make the trip to D.C. for the March on Washington. We really can not afford the plane ticket or hotel, so I was thinking of just making a road trip of it and driving up for the day and turning around and making it back. I haven’t done that in a long time, and it’s normally sort of fun. I have never been to D.C. to spend any time, and the downfall of this trip would be that I just wouldn’t have accommodations to spend time in D.C. My other thought was possibly a night at a Hostel, though I have never done that either. Then I think the fuel cost would probably be about what a plane ticket would be… I dunno. If I could find a ride buddy here that would want to ride up and split the fuel cost, it might be worth it. I certainly would like to be part of the history. Another side of me says I don’t want to be away from Derek that long… After all it is 1400 miles from here, which even driving straight through would take about 24 hrs each way. There also might be a bus leaving Texas which might be a cool experience. I did check out AmTrak, which I love trains and that would be an awesome way to go, but the “Dallas Eagle” got to Chicago, then another train to D.C. It takes two days, and would cost over twice the plane ticket, and that is just for coach, I couldn’t imagine what a berth cost. No wonder why the rail isn’t profitable long haul? Who is gonna pay that? Well, I probably would if we could afford it, but still. Stupid. Lets run around the country with empty trains and charge people more?!? Sigh.



If your interested, the URL for the National Equality March is National Equality March.

If Anyone is in the Dallas area, and wants to ride share… Let me know, maybe we can work something out. If we got a group together maybe we could even do a van rental or something?

In other news, Mary Traver’s passed away. Normally I don’t comment much on Celeb stuff, but she really was a neat lady, and most of you probably don’t know I have this weird thing for Folk music… In-fact it is probably my favorite genre of music, even though they were a tad before my time, the music they made certainly left it’s mark on Generation X. I grabbed couple clips from youtube…

So, now that your all teared up, I’ll leave you be. Don’t Lie, I know you are….

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