Greetings from a cool day in Iowa.

Had a cold front come through on Monday that has brought some fall weather with it. Temps get into the lower 70’s during the day and down to the upper 40’s at night. Quite nice. Wore a hoodie on my bike ride tonight with temps in the lower 60’s.

Last Friday John woke up at 4 in the morning and pre-ordered two iPhone 5’s. They are supposed to ship this Friday, but I have my doubts.  Have seen some news articles about how they will be delayed a few weeks because of the demand.  We are going to switch our phone service from AT&T to Verizon.  AT&T’s coverage outside of major cities is really crappy around here and when we travel. We are hoping Verizon will be better. Another bonus is that our monthly phone bill will go down around $40.00. Will see what games AT&T will play when we try to keep our existing phone numbers….

Last weekend we went to John’s 20th high school class reunion. We ended up flying using the last of our free tickets using credit card points. I took Friday afternoon off of work so we could leave on a 3:00pm flight from Des Moines, IA to Minneapolis, MN. Then we connected to a Green Bay, WI flight. The flights were under 45 minutes each. Good thing because they were shitty flights. We are on small “Delta by Pinnacle” Canada Air commuter jets with really small seats and no leg room. These planes previously had one seat on one side of the aisle and two on the other side. Now they have two small seats on both side of the aisles to cram in as many people as possible. Each plane was not able to run the air conditioner while it was on the ground – so was very warm/stuffy while boarding and taking off. We will so not take Delta again for regional travel if we can help it – it was a really bad experience.

We stayed at John’s dad’s house along Lake Winnebago. Despite the shitty air travel, it was a nice weekend. Got to spend time with John’s family and go on a boat ride on the lake.


John's Dad


Captain Moder taking us for a spin on Lake Winnebago


View of the lake from the dock

The class reunion was held at Waverly Beach in Menasha, WI. We could have rode John’s dad’s boat to the reunion, but the bar had taken it’s docks out. The class had rented a nice room for the reunion and had pizza and snacks. The attached bar was not very busy so the reunion took it over as well.

Around 20 of John’s classmates showed up. Was cool to meet people John has talked about over the years. He got his year book out and gave me a briefing before we went so I knew some of them at first glance. A few I had meet before from previous trips. It’s sort of fun going to a reunion of people you don’t have much of a history with – just to people watch and get the dirt.


John and his classmates

Most of evening I drank faux cosmos out of a whisky glass filled with ice. It did not taste very good, but was pink and looked pretty to carry around.  We left at 11:30pm – by then I was tired of dealing with people and drinking.

Today it was back to work.  My large project keeps lumbering along.  I’m making good progress with it, but still seems like the more I do, the more I find that needs done.  Pushing hard to get lots done this week so my manager can see the progress and to get it done and over with.

John’s last two classes appear to be going well.  The group he is doing his senior project with seem to be pretty decent and want to do a good job.  His job search is moving along. He has had some good interviews in the past few weeks and has an in person interview scheduled for next week.

Go my Tuesday night “chores” done tonight.  Vacuumed the hallway, cleaned the door windows and put the garbage totes on the curb.  Last week I purchased some small mum plants and put them in the two planters.  The previous plants were not looking very good – most were dried up.  Guess the hot dry summer took a toll on them…

Not much else going on… going to play Warcraft for a bit, watch TV and relax a bit before calling it a day…

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