Greetings from a cool, overcast evening in West Allis, WI…

I spent most of the day working on transferring old blog postings over to the updated blog system – and at 6:15pm this evening I finished. Yeah! Tomorrow I will work on making a backup copy of the old blog system and then turn it off for good.

John continues to be fed up with work and he was “on call” all day long. He had to go into work several times to put out fires. He spent most of the day playing with his exotic fountain pen collection. He received six bottles of ink for the pens in the mail this past week, and he has been filling up several of the pens and practicing writing with them. He explained to me that different types of ink works best with certain types of pens… Then this evening he went downtown to the pen shop at Grand Avenue Mall to purchase more ink, but they did not have what he wanted in stock….

Tomorrow I will do my usual laundry duties and try to get some housekeeping tasks completed around the MoHo. John will not need to be in Washington, DC this coming week – so things should “get back to normal” this week… He will probably head back to Washington, DC the following week for a few days, at least….

My iPhone is not syncing correctly to iTunes, so tomorrow I need to spend time figuring out what is wrong. I think it is running out of storage space, so I might need to start syncing only a subset of my music collection. Will take some time to select which albums/songs I want on my iPhone and put them in a separate playlist….

Still do not know if my contract is being extended past the end of October. Hope to hear something this coming week from my manager at work.
Not much else going on…..

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