I had another good day of work. I spent most of it learning how to use a new tool and prepare to give a demonstration to coworkers tomorrow. For lunch I went to the cafeteria and had a chicken breast sandwich and some chips. I’m starting to get invited to lots of meetings – so it looks like I will soon be in the thick of things and busy… It appears that there is no shortage of work to be done.

John made us supper again tonight. He had turkey breast, steamed veggies and mashed potatoes. It was yummy, Yummy, YUMMY! John spent part of the day checking out Forrest Park and applying for jobs online. Forrest Park is where the 1904 worlds fair was held and where I hope to go ice skating at this winter.

Tonight I need to run out to a grocery store and figure out something to bring to work tomorrow for “Food Day”… Bringing something tasty is a good way to make a good impression on new coworkers 😉

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