Hello all, John here…

Reporting internet troubles. We are back on the Verizon card temporarily. This afternoon, I sat down to check my email, and bam, got an AT&T error. Ugh. The error said “There is a problem with your account, please call AT&T customer service #102”. Super, just what I wanted to do today…

So I called, figuring then was as good as anytime to be extremely annoyed with tech support people. They didn’t disappoint either. I really think they send these people through classes on how to piss you off and be as unhelpful as humanly possible. After the 3rd layer of Customer Dis-Service, I finally got to “Fausto” who at least seemed like he wanted to be at work, and was willing to attempt to figure my problem out. Unfortunately it was beyond his control and had to hand me off to someone in billing. Well, apparently, the brilliant contractor (oh yeah, AT&T has basically hired out all their new customer on boarding processes), anyhow, she flagged my account incorrectly, and we weren’t supposed to have DSL for the last month. No wonder it has been so crappy. To make things worse, since there is a current DSL signal on our line, they had to shut it off. That meant that the next available reconnection slot was next Wednesday. Ok, maybe I think too fast for my own good, but isn’t this stuff all computer controlled? and if it isn’t, WHY ISN’T IT? So, of course I told the billing guy I didn’t think this was acceptable, to which he reassured me I would not be charged for the 5 days of no service. I then asked who was going to compensate me for the last 3 hours I have been on the telephone with someone from AT&T, and he was quick to correct me that it was only 2 hours and 43 minutes. Ok, you can track my call through 6 phone transfers, but can’t order a DSL line to be reconnected today because of a mistake on YOUR END? He then offered to take $10.00 off my next bill. I replied that just because they happen to be a monopoly in this area, that doesn’t mean they can’t loose customers. He didn’t care, but to shut me up he finally gave me a month’s credit. Argh. In any case, it still isn’t up, and I am being told Wednesday.

Anyhow, That was the majority of the day, I also spent time cleaning, and talking with my Aunt. After that, I ran to pick up Derek and we had dinner at the tractor place again. We wanted to stop at Best Buy to use a Rewards Coupon before it expired, so we got a free extra battery for out camera, yeah the one we always forget to charge… So hopefully this means we will always have one ready to go. 🙂

So that’s the adventure of the day!



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