Greetings from another cool, rainy, overcast day in Wisconsin.

It has been raining on and off most of the day. It keeps the air moist and chilly….

Now that all of the old blog postings are in place, I spent a few hours closing out the old blog.  I made a backup of the old blog onto my laptop and then set my BlueDomino account to not renew at the end of the month.  Then removed the Old Blog menu item from the new blog.  Seems like progress. 🙂

John had to work most of the day and did not get home until after 6:00pm. I brought him lunch around 1:30pm – a roast beef with cheese sub from Milios.

After eating with John, I went over to Brookfield Square Mall to do some clothes shopping.  I need some long sleeve shirts for work.  Ended up spending $130.00 at JC Penny’s on three dress shirts, three white t-shirts, casual Henley and new belt. I like the Stafford dress shirts that JC Penny’s has – it seems like they look nice longer then most other brands.  I also stopped in at Barnes and Noble to have their Nook specialist show me how to archive books directly the reader. She was able to show me – there’s an option under a sub menu that I did not see….

Spent the remainder of the afternoon taking out all of the pins from the new dress shirts, doing laundry and other domestic duties around the MoHo.

Next weekend we are going camping in Northern Illinois – so starting to get a few things stowed away and organized.  We are hoping to get on the road by 3:00pm on Friday, so will need to do laundry on Thursday evening along with give the MoHo a final cleaning.  Will do some cleaning/organizing each night after work – so should be pretty easy come Thursday evening.  I’m looking forward to getting away from the RV park and actually going to a campground.  Once again I have high hopes to have a campfire that I can sit by 🙂

This night made some pressed sandwiches with the Big Boss Grill. They had pastrami and Swiss cheese in them – ended up warm and tasty.

Not much else going on. Getting ready for another exciting week of programming….

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