I ended up bringing “Rubens in a Crock-Pot” to work. It is easy to make and several coworkers asked me how it was made. The crock pot was scraped clean by 4:00pm – so it must not have been too bad. The recipe is in my online cookbook – the link is here: “Rubens in a Crock-Pot

We received our first mail delivery here in St. Louis today. Our mail goes to Hales Corners, WI and then is shipped to us where ever we are at. We received the usual assortment of bills, junk mail along with some goodies.


"Etnyre Jam" and Coffee Cup from Deven and Melinda. Thank You!!

Deven and Melinda sent me a package with a card and fun birthday gift – a vintage coffee cup with CB slogans on it – like 10-20 (location), Green Stamp Highway (toll road) & Smokey Bear (Policeman). I also received a jar of “Etnyre Jam”. Melinda makes the jam herself – this year it is rhubarb strawberry… Yummy!! Thank You!!

I also received the replacement part for the cw transceiver that I’m putting together – they actually sent me two replacement varistors – just in case…. I will work on it sometime over the weekend… With a little luck I will have it completed and working… then I will be able to transmit Morse code on the 20 meter band….

Also on Saturday, the “international soy ingredients supplier” is having their employee picnic at Forrest Park here in St. Louis – so John and might was well attend. It will be nice socialize with some of my new coworkers and enjoy the picnic lunch….

Tomorrow evening we are meeting up with the Happy Campers group at Novak’s for burgers and drinks. Perry organized the get-together for us – I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again…

Now I need to go through the stack of mail sitting on the desk and make sure all the bills get paid….

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