Greetings from another typical work day in Milwaukee…

Spent most of the work day working on issues for two projects that are close to going live. The testers are getting extra picky and finding lots of little things that need to be tweaked. These are the type of issues that take just a few minutes to fix, but there’s lots of them… About 1/2 of the issues were actually in the category of “you did what we asked last week, but now I want it to be different”. So much fun. Still have not heard if my contract is being extended past the end of October, so I’m assuming it is not and starting to get my resume out.

Got done with work at 3:30pm and made it home by 4:00pm. I spent an hour working on creating a “splash page” for the iPhone version of the blog. A picture of the MoHo is now displayed while the blog is being loaded. It’s not too exciting, but does the job:

Then went off to Anytime Fitness to work out. Did 20 minutes of weight machines, then 20 minutes on the TBT machine. Tonight my arms, shoulders and legs are a bit sore. John asked me why I was popping some Tylenol before taking a hot shower….

This evening I worked on putting a “Favorites” page together – you can see it on the top menu bar. Before taking the old blog down, I forgot to get a list of our favorite blogs and websites – so put a new list together. Partially from memory, bookmarks on my iPhone’s browser and asking John. Please let me know if I missed an obvious site…

Not much else going on… I’m ready to lay down and read book on my Nook for awhile. Right now I’m reading Thunderstruck by Eric Larson:

It’s a non-fiction book that links the history of Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of wireless telegraphy, with Hawley Crippen, a mild-mannered homeopathic doctor in turn-of-the-century London. Crippen murdered his wife and was the first criminal to be captured with the aid of wireless communication. So far the book has been interesting.

I’ve signed up with Barnes and Nobles Affillite program – still in the process of setting it up. I’m hoping to be able to link to the ebook I purchased for Barnes and Noble on the blog – instead of Amazon… More for a change, then anything….

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