Greetings from West Des Moines, IA…

Weather continues to be nice, but getting cooler.  Today we had highs in the mid-70’s and will get down to the lower 50’s tonight.  Nothing to complain about.

A year ago today we were preparing to leave Portland, OR to start our lives here in Iowa. Having been here for almost a year feels strange for me.  I keep feeling like it is time for us to move on to another state or location to live.  It may occur if John finds “the job of his dreams” at a location outside of Des Moines, IA.  Time will tell…

We are complete “Apple Whores” today.  The iPhone 5’s we pre-ordered through Verizon arrived this afternoon via FedEx.  John has been tracking them for the last two days.  They arrived in Memphis, TN then flew to Des Moines, IA this morning.  The logistics Apple and Verizon must go through to have millions of iPhones arrive all across the country today is impressive.

Getting the phones setup was a non-event.  They connected right away to Verizon with our existing phone numbers and automatically cancelled our AT&T service.  John called AT&T to verify our accounts were turned off, and they were.  Took around 30 minutes for the iCloud to automatically restore all of the iPhone’s contacts, calendars, music, videos and apps.

This is the first Siri enabled phone I’ve owned.  It is neat how you can ask it verbal questions like “Where is the closest FedEx store?”, “What is the weather like tomorrow?”, “Where is John at?” or “Let me know when it is 3:00pm”.  Really like how fast the new phones are compared to my iPhone 4.  Bringing up web sites on it seems to be almost twice as fast.  Assume the speed is partially from being on Verizon’s LTE network and the faster processor in the phone.

The phone has an 8 megapixel camera on it – so should have nicer pictures for the blog.  Here’s a picture I took with it while on my bike ride tonight:


Bike path going through the woods around Raccoon Lake..

Read a fun article on the TechCrunch website about how Apple promotes purchasing its products by being like the Home Shopping Network.  Why Apple Has Us By The Short Hairs In 3 Words: Home Shopping Network.  Think they have a valid argument for this, except the iPhone is more then a shiny toy that I look at, show to my friends, put on a shelf and forget.  I use it all the time – more then my computer, TV or iPad…. But it is still a “want” more then a “need”…  🙂

Been thinking about getting set backup on Facebook again.  Still don’t like how Facebook owns all of the content and pictures you add to your account, but guess it is no big deal.  Will sign up tomorrow morning and see what I missed….

Not much else is going on.  John went to run some errands and is bringing back a little something from Dairy Queen.

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