Greetings from a beautiful Livermore…. the weather has been really nice this weekend – in the 70’s most of the day with a nice breeze…

We mostly stayed around the mobile home park this weekend. This morning we went out for breakfast and then went to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase some new rugs for the motor home. We found some that seem to work out fine.


Prince "working the runway"

Prince likes the rugs – it gives him something new to lay on – very important thing for a cat.

I went to the library yesterday and picked up a hardcover book that contains three “The Cat Who” books – the last book I read and the next two – “The Cat Who Played Brahms” and “The Cat Who Played Post Office”. I ordered these books on www.Paperbackswap.com but have not arrived yet. Oh well… I will put them up for trade when they arrive. At least I can continue reading the next few books in the series.

I’ve been watching Season 8 of Top Model on my iPod Touch. I’ve not seen this show before and did not realise what a delicous train wreck of a show it is. Seems like most of the show centers on the bitchy models talking smack about each other. Anyway – it is very over the top and I have little sympathy or pitty for any of the models – the more they cry the better I feel about myself 😉 The shows should begin with “In a world where Tyra Banks is God….” I only watch this on my iPod because I can’t imagine John watching it without protesting the whole time…


Political sign

I got my hair cut today at Cost Cutters by a Latina Princess that did some crazy things with the clippers. John believes it was the same stylist who told him he has a bald spot on the back of his head – when he thinks she just cut it all off…. My cut actually turned out fine…. but I need to find a beauty show with a hot twink to faun over me….
While getting laundry done at “the laundry shack” I noticed one of the full time residents who live in a travel trailer had put up a political sign in their site. I took a quick picture of it with my crappy cell phone camera:

It is just me, or does something seem ironic about this……

Our friend Ken sent us an email letting us know that he has started a new blog – entitled “RV Birds of a Feather“. Check it out….

Not much else going on… I’m going to play XBOX for awhile, read and molest John before going to bed….

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