It’s cold, damp and raining….  makes me unhappy…. “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” not being repealed today has me in an even crappier mood..

Work was boring. Still working on the same group of never-ending projects – more changes and more “faux-bugs”… A faux-bug is when the business owner of an application in development changes their mind about something they asked for, and reports something is not working correctly when it is what they wanted last week.. So much fun… 😉

Went to the gym – it was extra busy because of the rain – it brings all of the runners inside…. Did 20 minutes of weights then 20 mins of cardio on TBT machine.  Afterwards was chaning in the uni-sex changing room and suddenly someone knocked on the door.  I was more or less dressed so I opened it…  It was Mr. Roid-Rage-Need-To-Pee-Pee-Now…  told him I was almost done and closed the door…  thought it was odd….

John made it home by 7:00pm…  I keep telling him he needs a lesson on how to find the door to leave work after 8 hours.  It’s a skill that I’ve mastered 🙂  Made a quick supper of whole wheat linguine with a jar of cheap three cheese pasta sauce.  It was food….

My job search for the next consulting job is now in full swing.  I’ve been applying to lots and lots of jobs all over the US.  Who knows where we will end up…. Right now could be Pennsylvania, California, North Carolina, New York, Washington State…. but the list of places still interested in me changes hourly…

We are still looking forward to going camping this weekend in Northern Illinois with the “High Priestess of the Immaculate Winnebago” and Jeff.  Thursday night I need to get laundry done and the MoHo all set for the trip.  Need to order groceries on PeaPod yet tonight…

Spent some time working on the blog.  Have the Barnes and Noble affiliate program setup.  Have the advertisement section configured to randomly display one of the affiliate ads from either Barnes and Noble or Amazon each time you come to the blog.  I like this because I can have a variety of ads, but only take up the space of a single ad.

Also updated the Cookbook a little bit – it now loads inside of the blog when you click on it.  Previously it was opening up a new web page.  Also added a few more favorite blogs to the list of favorites.

I’m off to watch tv, read and relax for a bit…  Maybe I will be in a better mood tomorrow….

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