Hello all, John here.

Yesterday was a pretty event filled day… I went to a couple interviews, one with NAPA, and the other with a Courier Company. NAPA didn’t have any openings at the store near us, soon after the manager at the Belleville, IL store called. He offered me a job, for $8.35 an hour. I asked “is that the best you can do?” he said they had no leeway when hiring new counter people. So I explained that it was funny that NAPA in Columbia, a Level 1 Market (as far as salary is concerned the market in Columbia was the lowest in the country because of the low cost of living), offered $11.00 to start off with and then settled on $15.00. I told him I would think about it, but for $8.35 an hour it is hardly worth me to get out of bed to drive 30 miles to work. He wasn’t amused, and hung up on me…. The second interview was a bit more interesting, I have never worked directly with a courier company, and this sounds pretty flexible. Basically your an Independent Contractor set your own availability and take what you want. The work is based on a percentage on the bill. It pays 50% to the vehicle, which also means I would have to take out fuel, maintenance, and taxes. The guy I interviewed with “Patrick” seemed pretty up front and honest. Said his average driver was making $650 a week, and his top drivers were doing $1200 a week. I told him I would think about it and call him back Monday.

Derek got home at 5:15 and we headed to meet the Happy Camper’s group at Novak’s. Most all of the group came, and it was great too see everyone. The bartender Shannon even remembered us from 2 years ago. Novak’s has built a really nice patio and still has the cool neighborhood tavern feel to it. After the crowd dissipated a bit we walked down to the new “AMP” which had moved across the street from it’s old location. Doug (of Mike and Doug) came with us. The new building is nice, since it is all new, and has more room, but they also lost some ambiance since it isn’t in the creaky old building anymore. We had a couple drinks and were home by 10:00. It was a fun night out, which we really haven’t done since we left here almost 2 years ago.

So far it has been great being back in Saint Louis with our friends and familiarity. I do hope that is all worth the impending winter here, but no matter what it will always be better than South Carolina.

That’s all for now. We are off to have breakfast…


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