Greetings from Milwaukee…

Work went a little bit better today.  Got lots of programming completed and did not get many new bugs, so maybe there is an end in site….  Maybe…

In the last few months I’ve started doing something odd – I’m taking pictures of Kleenex boxes.  I buy Kleenex that comes in boxes with colors that I like – so taking photos of it before I toss it to use as inspiration for web sites or Domino applications.  Have a database of the pictures that I refer to when designing something new.  Here’s the last picture I took:


Job hunting is going well.  The good news is that my resume is getting noticed and recruiters are interested in me.  Received several voice mails and e-mails that I called back during my lunch break and after work.  Probably will have some phone interviews early next week.   It just takes time for things to happen….

Waiting for PeaPod to deliver groceries yet this evening.  Hope we get a driver who has been here before so I don’t have to flag him down.

Tomorrow is the big day for getting the motor home prepped for the weekend trip.  Tonight I’m trying to figure out why our Swiffer wet-jet has stopped working.  I think it is just the batteries needing to be replaced.  Have some rechargeable batteries in the charger and once they are ready will try them.  I hope that is all is wrong with it…  Without the Swiffer I might have to get down on my hand and knees with a bucket of water.  Not the end of the world, but might get my hands dirty 🙂

Tonight I finally get back to working on learning iPhone programming.  I spent two hours going through several chapters in Learning iPhone Programming book.  This is the first time I’ve used the Nook as alternative to paper computer book and it is working out well.


It’s 8:30pm and still no PeaPod….

8:45pm – PeaPod just arrived….  driver knew where to find us and everything I ordered was delivered… yeah…  Just got everything put away…

Batteries just got done charging – put them in the Swiffer and it is working.  Another problem fixed…  Now if I could just hire a house boy to clean the MoHo….  that’s what John used to do… I need people….

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