Tonight we went and had chicken at Hodak’s with Perry and Lloyd. It was just as good as I remembered – crispy breading on the outside and juicy meat on inside… Yummy, Yummy YUMMY! I like to eat chicken!

This morning we went to Mokabe’s for breakfast. They are a gay owned coffee house that features a somewhat vegan brunch every Sunday morning. They had a good selection of eggs, quiche, mac-n-cheese, pastries, fruit and faux-sausage. The food was well done and full of flavor. I really liked their tofu scramble. I would like to go here and hang out some evening..

This afternoon we worked on getting the little morse code transceiver working. I soldered in place the last part and then we worked on getting it properly tuned. The tuning part was a bit involved, so John took over and worked on it. It appears that it transmits properly, but we are not sure about receiving yet – we don’t have a good antenna to connect to it yet…

Tonight I got laundry done and now we are relaxing and getting ready for my second week of work here in St. Louis.

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