I had a nice day at work. My manager worked from home – so I spent the day programming with limited interruptions. This is something that has not happened for a long time.

John had a busy day. First he went and had brunch with Perry and Paul, then headed to Walmart to purchase some “bug bombs”. He then put the cat in his truck and proceeded in bug bombing the motor home in hopes of getting rid of the little flying gnat-like bugs we have been plagued with. The “bug bomb” is a can of insecticide that sprays out of the can in a fog. You start the cans fogging and then get out fast. It appears to have worked – we don’t see any flying bugs now. He then cleaned the inside of the refrigerator, organized the dry goods cabinet and vacuumed the floor.


Vintage photograph of an Elliott 803 system.

He also had supper ready when I came home. We had sauerkraut, sausage and potatoes – it was good…. After supper I watched TV for 30 minutes and then went on a walk through downtown St. Louis. I ended up walking to the library on Olive street. It is a neat old building but I was not too impressed with their book collection. The computer book section had less then 25 books… I found an interesting book about computer history and spent 30 minutes, or so, browsing through it. The book has a section describing a vintage computer system that I have never heard about before – the Elliot 803. The 803 was built and used in Great Britain in the early 1960’s. It used transistors for processing and a unique tape backup system – it used 35mm film that was coated with metal oxide. This is the only system I know that used this 35 mm format. This web page has some nice pictures and description of the Elliott 803 system

It was dark by the time I made it back to the motor home – John was not happy that I was out walking past dark…. 🙁

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