I neglected my blogging duties last night…. John allowed me to play Xbox last night and by the time I was done it was my bed time.

Work has been going fine… I’m really busy now with one project being tested and two I’m programming. One project is for the Notes Client and one is for the Web – I work on one of them in the morning, and one in the afternoon. It helps to make my day go by fast… Tonight I did something dumb – I had walked over to the BART station to catch the bus, but 3/4 o the way there I realized that I left one of my laptops at my desk. This is a big no-no because anyone could steal it without any problem… so I walked back to work and got the laptop. I was then stuck walking back to the BART station and taking the later bus home. No big deal – I had an extra 45 minutes to read. John was nice about it and delayed making supper…..

The two “The Cat Who” books finally arrived. I have already finished reading “The Cat Who Played Brahms” and will finish “The Cat Who Played Postman” tomorrow. I went to the Livermore Public Library website and was able to place a hold on the next two books in the series. I will pick them up tomorrow evening. The library here has a really nice website and computer system. it is easy to use and I get email notifications when something needs to be returned. Their collection of books and magazines is nothing special…

We both purchased plane tickets to head back to our families for Christmas. John also needs to renew his Wisconsin Drivers License – complete with his CDL. We are both flying out of San Francisco on the same day and time, but on different flights. I’m going though Denver to Moline, IL and John is going through St. Louis on his way to Milwaukee, WI. We are still not sure what we are going to do with Prince – but we have time to figure something out…

Yesterday I asked John if he would run to Target to get some cat food and a new cork screw. He got those items along with new glassware to replace our mismatched collection. He did a nice job of picking them out.

Our AT&T DSL is still not functional. John received a phone call from an AT&T rep. saying that they are working on the problem and it may be Friday before it is functional again. What seems to have happened is that our account was setup wrong. It was setup as a dial-up only account, with a DSL modem assigned to it. They can’t figure out how to change the account to be a DSL account so the Modem will be activated. AT&T is not doing us any favors… good thing we have the Verizon card as a backup…..

It made me giggle last evening when I read that Clay Aiken came out of the closet. The Feast of Fools podcast had John Paulus. John was the guy who claimed to have sex with Clay Aiken two years ago and many did not believe him. It will be interesting to see how Clay’s Christian fans cope with the confirmation of Clays sexual identity. To show support for Clay, the Feast of Fools has asked it’s listeners to purchase one of Clay’s songs on iTunes. As a joke they recommend “Mary did ya know” from his Christmas album… too funny!!

I’m off to watch the rest of CSI: New York, read a bit and go to bed….

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