I had a good day at work. I attended two meetings, meet some more stake holders of several up and coming projects that I will be assisting with and finished up some programming. So far I really like working at the international soy ingredients manufacturer.

I made it home a bit earlier then usual and John was finishing supper. He out did himself tonight with scallops in butter/ginger sauce, rice and veggies. It was yummy!! John went to two different grocery stores before he found scallops that he liked…

John has been busy looking for a job here in St. Louis. He has been spending lots of time checking job sites and filling out online applications. I’m sure he will find something that he will enjoy doing….

After supper I watched TV for 30 minutes and then went on a walk around downtown. I did not go as far as last night and there was still daylight when I made it back to the motor home. At this time of the evening there is not much going on downtown, so that makes the walking easy.

Tomorrow evening we are going to Perry’s house for supper. It will be cool to see his place again and play with his dog, Zeke.

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