Greetings from a lively Livermore…..

Work was fine today… still attempting to get an application successfully tested – it has been a bit of a cluster fuck, but I have high hopes that it will go better tomorrow.

Our reusable grocery bags arrived today. The thermal bag is a bit bulkier then I expected, but it will be fine. The other two bags are as expected. I’m looking forward to using them this coming weekend….

I’ve been eating at a great little resteraunt each evening this week – it is called “Chez-John’s”. The menu is a bit limited but the service is great. Tonight we had “aide d’hamburger” with a really nice wine paring of thé de glace. The chef is really hot and winked at me when I asked about his desert menu… I will have to dine here again.

I went to the library tonight and checked out the next two books in the “The Cat Who” series – “The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare” and “The Cat Who Sniffed Glue”… Can’t wait to read them! I also checked out some books on Ships and Trains for John and some books on the history of Morse Code and Telegraph service in the U.S. – just some light reading 😉

We both watched the first episode this season of “The Office” on TV tonight – that show is soo funny… but it scares me a bit because most of the cast members remind me of people I have worked with in the past….

John worked on getting the little CW transmitter that I received for my birthday in 2007 operational. My soldering skills were not very good – so he had to resolder a few items and then get it tuned in. He says it is all ready for me to use – so I plan on working with it a bit tonight to show my appreciation.

In the news this morning, a new bill was passed that outlaws driving and texting with your cell phone. It is really sad that this is actually a problem. There was already a law against driving and talking on cell phones. I believe these laws are interfering with natural selection – except for the innocent people who are run over. While walking to work I still see lots of people talking on their cell phones while driving…

Now off to to play with the CW transceiver….

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