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Prince watching "Kitty TV"

Last evening we went to a Tex-Mex place named Anamia’s. They were busy, but we only had a 5 minutes wait. They seem to be trying to be a bit upscale, but it is not easy with large families, children and crowded conditions…. their service was really good and the food was served within 10 minutes of ordering it. I had their “Gabriella” plate which had two chicken enchiladas topped with sauteed vegetables. Served with rice and beans. The sauteed mushrooms, summer squash and green peppers were really tasty. I would go back again…

We are planning on heading to the Texas State Fair tomorrow, so we did our weekly chores today instead of Sunday. I got laundry, including the bedding, completed and John cleaned and vacuumed the MoHo. It cost me around $15.00 to get everything washed and dried. It was hot out – in the mid-90’s, so the laundry room was extra stuffy…. but I was done in 90 minutes… all 7 loads of wash….

We also went to the local Super Walmart to get cat food and some other staples. We decided that if the store was crowded we would grab some basics and run for our lives. The store was not overly busy, so we did full grocery shopping for the next two weeks… Ended up spending around $150.00, but if you average that out for 10 days, it is not so bad…. We usually eat at home Monday through Friday morning – then dine out over the weekends… Usually have a late brunch and then a early dinner…. so two meals…. it seems to work….

This afternoon John wanted to go to the Carrollton public library to see if they had any good ham radio books. The lady at the front desk was very nice and got me setup with a library card in five minutes. John was underwhelmed with the ham radio section and the entire library. Most of the shelves were only half full of books and it seemed like they did not have too much of anything. Usually the computer book section of a good library will have a at least 200 different computer books – here they had less then 25. My guess is that we were at a branch library that had less then the main library…. It also appeared to be a Mexican Wedding going on in one of the side rooms – lots of ladies in expensive dresses, large jacked up truck up front, loud music, women carrying in trays of food and etc. A library seems like a strange venue for a wedding – especially when the library was still open – perhaps it was one of the volunteers?

I’m not sure what to expect at the State Fair tomorrow. I asked some people at work if they go, and most do not – they acted like it was beneath them to go… The radio is talking about how a new subway line goes directly to the State Fair now – so make me think we may get a bit of an “urban experience”…. who knows…. I’m looking forward to seeing “Big Tex” . I have been to State Fairs in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa… so tomorrow will make it my fourth state… Here’s a video of Big Tex I found on You Tube:

Anyway… I hope to take lots of pictures and a few videos at the fair tomorrow….

This afternoon I finished up the vintage Warcraft: Humans & Orc’s game. I completed the 12 orc episodes and the 12 human ones. Now I need to find the next game in the series – Warcraft II – Tides of Darkness. It will be interesting to see what changes were put in place in the second game..

I have also started to study for the Notes 8.5 Certification Exam. I purchased the Notes Domino 8.5 Application Development Update training course from TLCC and have started going through it. Notes 8.5 is the first version of Notes to use the Eclipse framework – so there’s lots of little changes along with with some brand new functionality. I’m looking forward to going through the entire course…

Prince had his monthly bath today – he did not exactly like it – he was quite vocal while John shampooed him. Hope not too many people walked past the MoHo while the bath was in process – who know what they would think we were doing to the poor cat… Now Prince smells good, is all fluffy and is sleeping soundly on the front passenger captain chair… I told him that beauty hurts (learned that from America’s Next Top Model) but he just looked at me and blinked a few times….

I added John’s meat loaf recipe to the online cook for future reference. It is in the main dish category…

Not much else going on… going to read for awhile and get a good nights sleep…

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