Greeting from a cold evening in West Allis, WI.

Our trip to Rock Cut State Park was “just fine”. We made it back to Milwaukee by 4:00pm with only one problem. A fitting on the back side of the water heater is leaking. John noticed it on Saturday but believed it was caused by using the electric water pump. Once we got back to our site in Milwaukee, John noticed the leaking continued – not good. He was able to disconnect the water heater from the motor home frame and slide it forward enough for him to get access to the back of it. He still has to climb around in a small compartment, but it is doable. He took a trip to to Home Depot for parts and is still working on it at 7:15pm as I type. John will yell at me if/when he needs my assistance – it is usually best for me to just let him do this thing.

7:45pm – John sent me to Home Depot to pick up some 1/2″ nylon plugs. Could not find nylon, so purchased PVC ones – he said they will work out fine. They better because the Depot of Homes closes at 8:00pm.

We enjoyed going to Rock Cut State Park north of Rockford, IL and spending time with Buck, Jeff and Jared over the weekend. We left Milwaukee at 3:34pm and made decent time despite very heavy cross winds. He had adjoining sites in the White Oaks section. It was nice because the sites were large and surrounded with trees and weeks – so not right next to other campers. You can definitely tell it is fall out – the maple trees are just starting to turn yellow/orange and there is a chill in the air at night.


All Setup

On Saturday morning we enjoyed a yummy quiche at Buck and Jeff’s motor home. Then John, Buck and Jared went shopping while I stayed back with Jeff. We enjoyed the outdoors while playing with our smart phones at the picnic table. At one point six helicopters went by in a fifteen minute period. Not exactly sure why… could have been Oprah heading up to her “cabin in the woods” 🙂 Another odd outdoor thing I observed was lots of little red insects all clumped together in on the ground. It seemed like they were trying to stay warm?


Clump of red bugs

Saturday night Deven and Melinda along with Jet and Scout joined the group for a yummy supper. We had salad, roast pork roast, green beans and orzo salad. Then for dessert we had pumpkin bars and apple Betty. Twas yummy!


Hanging out at the campfire

It was nice to see the nephews again – they had fun running around the campground and sitting by the campfire. They probably fell asleep in the way back from all of the outdoor activity. We stayed out by the campfire until around 10:30pm. I started to fall asleep from the red wine that I was sipping on. This morning I woke up with a nasty headache and I could not find my eye glasses. Took some Tylenol and felt a little better. Spent 30 minutes looking for glasses all over the motor home and had no luck. I found them laying by the fire were I was sitting… they were fine, but still not good…. glad I did not sip on any more wine…..

This morning John made breakfast at our MoHo – fried eggs with sausage. Hit the spot. We then lounged around the MoHo for a bit and then went outside. We then went outside and enjoyed the sunshine by going for a walk down by the lake at the park. It was quite scenic:


The lake

The weekend went by way to quickly. We got all packed up and left by 12 noon. John wanted to use the dump station before we left. We only had to wait for one other rv to finish up and then we got the job done. On the way out of the park John said that he really enjoyed his weekend and wished we could have done more camping this summer. So do I….

Tonight I spent time on the job hunt.  Did not find too many new jobs to apply for – it has me a bit concerned that the job market is slowing down again..

The water heater is working now… so going to try it out by taking a long hot shower and get prepared for the upcoming work week… Hope to head to bed a bit early… some extra sleep sounds really good to me….

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