I ended up working until 6:00pm tonight. This was partly because I had a hour and a half lunch with my new consulting company. We went to Wasabi’s for lunch and had Sushi. The Sushi was outstanding!! They were voted as the best Sushi bar in St. Louis and I can see why! It was nice to meet the recruiters in person who brought me to St. Louis. They even presented me with a new coffee mug and shirts that have the name of my new consulting company on them.


Interior of Wasabi's

Last evening we went to Perry’s house for supper with him and Paul. We had salad, lasagna, bread and cherry pie for supper. It was yummy!. It was cool to see all of the improvements he has made to his home in the last few years. I really like all of the new wall colors and his new kitchen. After supper we spent time talking, watching TV and playing with his dog, Zeke. Zeke likes to play with his various toys… it was fun watching him go at them. Now I want to invite them over to the RV for supper some evening…. Perhaps John can whip something up for us!



This weekend we are off to the Chicago area to attend Bernie and Mike’s wedding reception – they were married in Canada in August. It will be great to see them again. The last time we crossed paths was last New Years eve at Epcot Center. They now have a different foreign exchange student from Germany staying with them for the school year. We decided to drive my car up on Saturday, stay at a hotel room and come back on Sunday. Doing this will be cheaper and more convenient then taking the motor home up….

A new episode of The Office is on now… need to get this blog entry saved… now….. 🙂

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