Greetings from a boring Livermore, CA…

This morning we went to Fry’s Electronics to purchase a few small items.. John wanted to move the cable modem to the front desk – so he picked up a 50 foot phone cable. I purchased magnet wire and super-bright red leds. I’m working on making a relay out of paper clips as a proof of concept for an improved “Paper Clip” computer. The original paper-clip computer system was described in a 1967 book and it was mainly a very manual “digital computer”. I think I can do a better “paper clip computer” by making some sort of relay that would represent a single binary digit (on or off). John is not happy with my little project – he gave me a whole bunch of grief at Fry’s and on the way one…. oh well…. If $12.00 worth of wire and LED’s makes me happy then so be it….

I played Oblivion on the XBOX this afternoon – I’m doing well in the game. I’ve been doing a bunch of side quests to gain experience, better equipment and money before I continue on the main game quest… My only complaint about the game is that it takes forever to finish…. but it is good, cheap, entertainment…

We also watched several episodes of Sordid Lives: the series. I’m a big fan of the Sordid Lives movie and the series does a great job to paying homage to the movie and its characters. The cast of the series has many of the same actors as the movie along with some new… I’m impressed that they have Rue McClanahan, Carolyn Reah and Oliva Newton-John on it… I did find it a bit ironic that we were sitting in a mobile home park in California watching a TV show about white trash in Texas… The tv show also has the same ivy and white brick wall paper that was in the movie and my mom has in her kitchen….. 😉 John tells me he dislikes the show, but I catch him laughing along with me…. One episode had LaVonda Dupree getting her hair done at the beauty shop. She kept getting phone calls from friends and family asking for advice and she was able to solve everyone’s issues and keep the family together before she had her perm rinsed out… I told John that reminded me of him when he gets lots of phone calls from family and friends asking for advise and etc…. again he was not amused….

Sordid Lives

I watched the Presidential Campaign debates on and off last evening while playing xbox… I think watching the debate is like reading the Bible – you can read between the lines and get out of it what you want…. When McCain was getting some jabs in at Barack he came across as old and bitter. When Barack got some jabs back at McCain – it seemed like elder abuse… At first I thought the debate reminded me of the famous debate between Kennedy and Nixon – but it really didn’t – McCain come across much smoother and put together then Nixon ever was…. but he still reminds me of a lawn gnome with no hat on….

Lawn Gnome

Our AT&T DSL is still non-functioning. John has been on the phone with them daily. Today he talked to a manager who was kind enough to send an email to the “DSL Team” who is working on resolving the issue. It is frustrating that we have been going through so many levels of customer-no-support and most of the customer representatives don’t care, will not do anything to help and it seems they have no way of actually helping. Our DSL model has a full signal but our account at AT&T is still not configured correctly so we don’t get through their proxy server (or something like that). I have a feeling it amounts to a single field in a database that has a code for Dial-Up service and not “DSL-Service”. To top things off, we received a post card from AT&T in the mail today letting us know that we can use AT&T dial-up service (as in 56k modem over the phone line) while our account is being disconnected or move…. what a joke…..

The “Folsom Street Fair” is tomorrow in San Francisco. I asked John if he would go and he say “NO!” after I explained to him what it is… I explained it to him like this “Hey – look at me, I have a fetish, see, see, look at me – I’m wearing leather… hey, hey, look at me, see, see, I have a leather fetish… see see…. – no – Look at me – Look at me….” Anyway.. I would have like to check it out – but there is expected to be around 250,000+ people attending and I’m sure dealing the the crowds would be old fast… but checking out leather studs, and puppy play, and latex, and cock rings and twinks would have been fun….

Folsom Street Fair 2008 poster

I’m off to play with the magnet wire, read, play xbox and fall asleep….. maybe I will get a bit of “carrot cake” tonight 😉

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