Greetings from a cold dark evening in West Allis, WI.

I ended up getting to work 30 minutes later then normal, so worked later to make up for it.  Did not feel well this morning, so had to get enough gumption to get showered and put together enough to get out the door.  Once at work I got into the swing of things – had lots of work to keep me busy.  The cycle of never ending changes continues…  So much fun..

After work I went home and decompressed a bit by watching an episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive .  My favorite Hoarders are the ones who have nasty attitudes and start slashing out when people toss their cat piss covered stuff away.  Afterwards I spent time cleaning the motor home – nothing like spending 45 minutes (fast forward through commercials) watching piles of crap to give me motivation to tidy up.

Job hunt continues.  The amount of Lotus Domino jobs listed on the job boards still has really slowed down.  I found a handful of new consulting jobs that I’m a good fit for, but that was it.  Would be nice if I could land the next consulting job so I know where we will be going next… before we get snowed in 🙂

John’s repair of the fitting on the back of the water heater was successful.  Had warm shower last night and this morning.  Don’t see any water dripping anymore – so all is good.

Did not go to the gym tonight – head still does not feel right and I feel a bit achy.  I will make sure to go and work out extra hard tomorrow night…

Not much else going on – John managed to get home at 7:00pm – he look exhausted from his day of being the “transportation super-star to the rich and famous”.  He will be flying out to the Washington, DC area again later this week for a few days.  He’s so important…

I found a cool line of retro Pan-Am luggage from Pan Am Brands. I think he would look hot boarding the plane with this bag. John does not share my enthusiasm:

Not much else going on… Hope to get to bed a bit early again tonight in hope that I feel 100% tomorrow….

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