I had a typical day at work – I left at 4:30 to compensate for working an extra half an hour on Thursday.

For supper we meet Perry and Paul at <a href=”http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/entertainment/reviews.nsf/takeout/story/839E4AE02F60793B862571290070EFE7?OpenDocument” >Sweetie Pies</a>.  Sweetie Pie’s is a soul food restaurant that serves it’s meals cafeteria style.  You basically go down a buffet line and tell the ladies what you want.  I had chicken, sweet potatoes, mac n cheese and beans.  The portions were good sized and the food was very well prepared and flavorful.  I thought it was a bit on the expensive side – it came to around $25.00 for the both of us.  John thought the interior of the restaurant  was too nice for cafeteria style food…


Exterior of Sweetie Pie's

After eating, Paul went over to the <a href=”http://music.riverfronttimes.com/search/locations.php?oid=22921&locationSearch=1″ >Amp bar</a> with us for “just one drink”.  I had a Cosmo and it was really good – so I had a second one…..  Amp specializes in alternative and underground music, but is rather tame early in the evening.  They are not really a gay bar, but are very gay friendly and have a nice mixed crowd.  Last spring they moved to a new location that is across the street from their previous location.  Their new location is nicer and larger, but John liked the atmosphere at the old one – creaky floors and drafty – kinda of an urban decay thing going on.

Now that we are back in the motor home, we are getting all packed up for our weekend trip to Naperville, IL for Bernie and Mike’s reception.  Since we are staying just one night at a hotel, all of our stuff will fit into an single suitcase.

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