I have finally been assigned a ham radio call sign – it is KC9KEM. I can now talk on a select frequencies. John’s call sign is N9MXX. Now we need to get a ham radio installed in the RV so I can start talking and get packet radio up and working. Now I can get a hat with my call sign on it, a badge to wear to hamfest and the call sign tattooed on my butt.

John had a bad morning – he left his keys in the motor home and got locked outside. He lucked out because the window above the desk was not closed all of the way so he opened it up and was able to grab his keys off the desk. He was unhappy with me because he called my cell phone 4 times and I did not answer. I had the phone on vibrate and had it in a desk drawer so I did not notice it going off. Bad Derek – Good John (recurring theme).

Prince got a bath today and spent the afternoon preening himself. His coat is very soft, shinny and smells nice. John is very patient with moist pussy.

For lunch I had a grilled cheese sandwich made with Cuban Bread. I didn’t really know what Cuban bread is. It is basically the same as French bread but it has a thinner, crispier outer crust. I looked it up online and it seems easy to make – I would like to try sometime this weekend.

While I type this, John is outside working on filling the house batteries with water. John is starting to run out of projects to work on around the motor home – so I guess it will soon be time for him to head back to work 😉

Not sure what we will be doing this weekend. John want to check out the Museum of Science and Industry here in Tampa. I want to check out some of the local flea markets, go geocaching and learn how to detect traces of blood with Luminol.


Stuck in traffic

I was bored while sitting in traffic tonight so I took some pictures with my cell phone camera:


Waiting for a green light

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