Greetings from a still boring Livermore….

The AT&T DSL internet is still not working. John called customer service again today and after around an hour of dealing with customer-no-service was transferred to the “DSL Escalation Team”. They told him that they are working on it and will call him when it is working – and not a second until. Dealing with AT&T has now reached the point of being a game… kind of like an adventure game like we play on the XBOX. Today John made it further into the bowls of the customer support sanctum… tomorrow he’s going in for the kill and actually talk to the right people to get the DSL working….

I was listening to the “Fox and the City” podcast today – episode #322. I got a kick out of how Regan compared Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Pallin to the confushed South Carolina Beauty Queen Contestant. Was very funny. There is also a video on iTunes that alludes to the same:

I had a typical day at work… I spent half of it working on fixing bugs in a application that is being tested and the other half of the day working on a web application.

I have been watching Top Model – Cycle 8 on my iPod instead of reading this week. I’ve never paid much attention to Tyra Banks before and I’m actually a bit impressed with her… She comes across as being bright, caring and fun… kind of like John… on his good days….

Next Sunday is the Livermore Ham Radio Swap meet. I’m sure we will go and check it out. We are also thinking about going back to Angel Island on Saturday so we can spend more time checking it out.

Not much else going on….

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