Howdy from Texas….

My work week has been going by slowly. Today I did nothing but fix problems for people. It got to the point where I would fix a problem and then just wait for the next one to come along – which would happen within minutes…. so much fun… Went to Subway for lunch and got another coupon for a free cookie – part of their Scrabble game promotion… This time I will bring the free cookie home for John…. he needs a cookie for then I do….

So last Sunday we went to the Texas State Fair. It took us 30 minutes to drive to the State Fairgrounds which are located south of downtown Dallas. Parking was easy because we got there early enough, but it cost us $10.00. Then we purchased tickets for the fair at $12.00 each (had $3.00 off coupons from McDonalds). I keep listing how much everything cost us because going to the fair was really expensive. We spent $34.00 to park and walk through the front gate.

Once inside we walked around the grounds checking out the various displays, vendors and tents of “miracle vegetable slicing” gizmos and gadgets. One booth was selling the powder dip mixes that you add to sour cream – they had signs up that said “This is not a buffet line – taste to purchase”. It made me giggle – I can imagine a line of old ladies in their motorized chairs circling the dip vendor and sucking in everything in site 😉 I wanted the super deluxe sushi making kit but John objected 🙁


Big Boy locomotive

There was a train museum that we checked out – The Museum of the American Railroad. It cost us 20 coupons ($10.00) to check out the vintage trains, train cars and etc. They had several rare engines – my favorite was the “4-8-8-4 Big Boy” – the one of the largest models of steam locomotive ever made.


Santa Fay locomotive - I like the color of it...


Inside the dining car...

We then made it to the plaza where “Big Tex” is setup.


I'm trying to pose like Big Tex...

Seeing Big Tex in person was cool, but the garden railroad setup setup under Big Tex was even better. The layout was made with lots of organic materials like wood, grass, stone and plants – it was very well done:

Now walking around the trains and the fair grounds started out being pleasant but the temps kept rising to around 98 °. There was an indoor car show that was air conditioned. We checked out the new line of Ford trucks, and the new Jeeps. I noticed that John did not spend much time in the Dodge or Chevrolet section…. Once we were cooled off, we headed back outside and did the cable tram across the midway (16 coupons for the both of us – $8.00) and then went up in the Texas Star – the largest Ferris wheel in North America. (24 coupons – $12.00) The Ferris wheel was cool – I had a moment where I did not like being up high and rocking back and forth, but it did not last long. The view of the fairgrounds from the top was really cool. One of the cars of the wheel had two pet carriers in it. Found out that it was part of the bird show – they released hawks via remote control and they flew out and to the show… only in Texas…..

I thought the Ferris wheel at the Navy Pier in Chicago was the largest one in North America? Guess I’m wrong…
We then walked around some more and decided to get something to eat. Food prices were way out of line. We purchased two hot dogs and a large lemonade for 24 coupons or $12.00 – the hot dogs were not anything special – about the same as you get at Walmart…….

So our day at the State fair cost us over $60.00… could not imagine bringing a large family…… It was cool to check out, but we won’t go back again this year…

Prince has been having lots of fun with the beads we brought home from the Pride Parade… John throws then down the hallway, Prince chases after them, picks them up in his mouth and drags them back to John… It’s very cute….

Now I’m off to watch this weeks episode of Hell’s Kitchen… listen to Gordon Ramsey yell for an hour….

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