Hey-dare from another nice fall day in Wisconsin.

John got up around 5:00am to get ready and head out to the airport for his 8:30am flight to Washington, D.C. He arrived early enough to get bumped up to first class again – it made him happy.

My work day went by quickly. Thought I had all of the “never ending changes” completed, but then another wave of them came in around 2:00pm – so had lots to do – for better or worse. It is now official that my contract with the major financial institution will end at the end of October. My job hunt continues – had a few good leads today in parts of the country that I would like to work in. It still seems like nobody is in a hurry to hire me…. but then all of a sudden I will receive several offers… at least I hope… 😉

After work stopped at the MoHo for a few minutes then went to Anytime Fitness to work out. Did my usual circuit weight training and then cardio. I did not work out last night because I fell asleep watching Judge Judy and it was 6:15pm when I woke up. Needed to get supper ready for John and do laundry for his trip…. So tonight the weights seemed to be extra heavy and the cardio seemed to last forever…. On Friday I will need to give the fitness center my 30 day notice since we will probably be moving on….

One of the things I had hoped to be able to do with my Nook e-book reader was to read the free Google Magazines on it. Google has every issue of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics ever published and it is really cool being able to browse through them to read about the cool old technologies “back in the day”. Found a way to read them on my Nook by using a Google Book Downloader utility that takes the individual magazine and saves it to a PDF file on your computer. I can then manually load it into the Nook and read it. The magazines actually look good on the black and white e-ink screen. The main problem I’m running into is that I don’t have a way to zoom into specific sections of a magazine page and some of the articles have text that is a bit small to read comfortably…. Here’s a page from the December 1950 Popular Science magazine on the Nook:


Old magazine on the Nook

The same idea should work with the iPad and other e-book readers that can view PDF files.

Not much else going on – need to spend time searching the online job boards for possible jobs, pay some bills and relax a bit…

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