We did not do much today. I played xbox and John surfed the web most of the morning. In the afternoon went to a BBQ place for lunch and then checked out three different flea markets. The largest one was named “Big Top” – we made it to this one a bit late in the day so many of the vendors had already closed up shop or were in the process of doing so. I would like to go back to this one and check it out again when everything is open. Many of the vendors sell the same assortment of cheap hardware, kitchen and bathroom items. You see the same stuff over and over in different vendors stalls. It seems like the most successful vendors are the ones with unique items that people actually want at good prices. I think the real winners at the flea markets are the people who rent out the booth space – they get their money regardless if anything sells or not.

Here is some pictures I took at the various markets:


John browsing tattoos


Not very busy


John liked the vendors with tools and various hardware items the best.

When we made it back home we were greeted (as always) by Prince:


Hi! Did you bring me anything new?

I then went out geocaching and found 2 out of the 3 caches I was looking for. The one cache I could not find was at a grocery store and my GPS said the cache was in the baby food isle – I don’t think so! The other two caches were easy enough to find – I got bit by mosquitos pretty bad at one cache that was located under some trees I only have 95 more caches to find before I hit 200….

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