Bernie, Mike's Mom & Dad, and Mike

We just made it back from our trip to Naperville, IL – Bernie and Mike’s reception was really nice and well attended. At the height of the big day they had around 70 people in the house. We got to meet their family, friends and coworkers. Here’s some pictures from the event that Florian (their foreign exchange student) took and emailed to us:


Bernie slicing the first piece of cake.


Appetizers setup in the kitchen

The cake was delicious – the outside was rolled frosting and the inside was layered and decadent with a bit of a coffee flavor.

We got to see pictures of their Alaskan Cruise – it looked absolutely amazing…. their luxury suite on the ship was incredible along with the views of the Alaskan coastline and mountains. Someday I would like to go on a similar cruise….

I enjoyed meeting some of Bernie and Mike friends – some who go back to the 1970’s with them. I handed out some cards with the URL to this blog – so I want to say hi to everyone we meet – Hi and welcome to the blog!!

We stayed with Bernie and Mike until around 8:30pm and then made it to the hotel. Our hotel room was actually rather pleasant – it was relatively clean, quiet and the bed comfortable. It is a bit of a luxury for us to take a shower in a full size tub.

This morning we went back to Bernie and Mikes and then went to breakfast at the Egg Harbor Cafe in downtown Naperville. We had a 30 minute wait, so we walked across the street to a small park and watched ducks float around a small stream. The wait for breakfast was worth it – our food was delicious and the service was prompt and polite.

It was really nice to spend time with Bernie and Mike again and we look forward to seeing them again – perhaps we can go camping with them yet this year….

Our drive back to St. Louis was long and boring. John did all of the driving and got a bit frustrated with other drivers who did stupid things…. I was also rather windy and the Subaru got blown around a bit with some of the stronger gusts of wind. We stopped at a Culvers for supper – this was a big treat for us – we have not been to a Culvers since we left Bloomington, IL last year. I had a patty melt and a small turtle sunday and it was just as good as I remembered. John really likes their frozen custard and had a big waffle cone. He was a happy boy…. 🙂

When we made it back to the RV park here in St. Louis, we had to make our way to the motor home through a small army of children on bikes, strollers and running around. There’s a group of several trailers parked down from us that just arrived and they have lots of noisy active kids…. yuck! Oh well, once we made it into the motor home and closed the door we can’t hear them. One of the perks of having a motor home – they screen out lots of outside sounds 🙂

The rest of the evening I will spend relaxing, reading a book and getting mentally prepared for the upcoming work week.

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