Greetings from a boring Livermore, CA… they don’t even have a gay bar here…..

John received a call from AT&T’s DSL Esculation team today… they told him that our account is still fucked up and with some luck, mystical incantations and animal sacrifice our DSL might start working on Thursday. I’m not holding my breath…. it sounds like they still don’t really know what to do about it and are trying to buy some time… John is beyond being nice to them and has been really letting them have it….

John spent the day installing coax switches so we can switch between the satelite dish mounted on top of the motor home (too many trees here for it) and the one that is mounted on a pole in front of our lot. He also put the coax wire that goes outside beneath some trim so you don’t see it…. This is done in preparation for our weekend trip at the end of October.

Then this evening the surround sound stopped working. So he had to tear into things again to determine what the problem is. As of right now it appears that the audio-out on the TV has stopped working… not good… the front speakers work but our sound system (DVD, VCR, XBOX) depends on the Audio-Out of the TV to route most of the audio to the surround sound system… I’m sure he will spend some time on this yet tomorrow….. it’s always something…..

Work was interesting today. I was told to stop working on one of the two applications I’ve been assigned. It appears that the business owners of the application have not signed off on the time and cost estimates yet and perhaps will not….. This is the second time this has happened to me… seems like something that happens on a routine basis…. so now I can concentrate on a single application for a few days…

The weather here has been a bit warmer in the mornings, but has not been getting as warm during the day.. So right now I’m able to wear a long sleeved shirt to work and stay warm enough. The bus has been a bit busier then normal this week. Not sure why… one guess is that the kids are back in school so mom went and got a job… but just a guess…. Tonight I finished watching cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model – Jasmine won. I actually like the show and now I want to get cycle 9 on iTunes – once we get the DSL working again. I don’t want to max out the download limit on the Verizon card.. John would spank me…. hard…

Not much else going on… John is unhappy because something is not working and I’m unhappy because John’s unhappy… or something like that…..

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