Hello all, John here, posting from Alexandria, VA.

Well, work is work, it is getting more annoying by the day, and I can’t talk about a bunch of stuff going on.  Blah.  Its rainy here in DC.  Overall things are going OK, we had a couple small setbacks this week, but the vision is still plugging along.

Derek had a few good hits in the job hunt and I believe he has something lined up interview wise for tomorrow.  Should be good.

This week in “Gay” news seems to be littered with commentary on teenage bulling and the suicide that so often results from it.  Really a sad thing, and several members of our community have banded together to make YouTube video’s dedicated to the theme.  The project is called “It Gets Better” and below is one from Dan Savage, but there are many more, from all walks of gay life, sharing the same message.  Sorta hits home a  bit for me —  I suffered from a lot of bulling in school, specifically in Junior High School.  Complaints of it were met with complete inaction from the school until it became physical, and then the only action was in the line of enforcing violence rules, both of us were punished equally, even though I was simply defending myself.  We changed school districts as I entered 9th grade, and I used that opportunity to redefine myself, and not be a victim.  Even the clean slate presented interesting problems, and although for me High School was much easier than Junior High, I never really did fall into the main stream, though I was able to get through it, and can certainly say “It gets better”.    About a year ago, through the power of facebook, one of my past “Bullies” found me.  He sent an interesting note, apologizing for how he treated me then, and explaining he never thought much of it until now when coaching his son on how not to be a bully. I won’t name him, mostly because through facebook and his postings you can tell he is still a major prong, but regardless he took the effort to attempt to make things right. Seriously, if you are a young person, suffering from bulling of any kind, speak up.  It is not you fault, and there is help out there.  Watch the video, it is worth your time, even better, if you can make your own!

So with that, Have a good night….


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